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Sunday, April 21, 2024
HomeCricketKuldeep Yadav On Rohit Sharma's Vibrant One-Liners, "Humare Liye Pyaar Hai Unka"

Kuldeep Yadav On Rohit Sharma’s Vibrant One-Liners, “Humare Liye Pyaar Hai Unka”


Head coach of the Indian cricket team Rohit Sharma is well-known for his one-liners on the pitch, and his antics with a few of the younger players have gone viral on social media.

The captain of the Indian cricket team, Rohit Sharma, is well-known for his quick quips on the field and for his pranks with some of the younger players, which have gone viral on social media. In the recent past, Rohit has supported a number of up-and-coming players. He has also been heard berating cricket players and advising them not to field with a carefree attitude on multiple occasions. Spinner Kuldeep Yadav talked candidly about how Rohit impacted his career and remarked that the youth don’t listen to what he says.

“He was at NCA when I went bowling and then rehabbing there. In fact, he had wanted me to implement some of the modifications I was making far earlier. He’d say, “I feel like the batsmen have enough time to play you off the pitch when I stand at slip,” adding that I should put more energy into the action and that the batsmen shouldn’t have time to play me. The ball should race to hit the pad or the stumps if he believes he can play me off the pitch by going on the backfoot. I was doing today what he had thought in the past, Kuldeep informed the news sources.

We travel together frequently, we get along well, and we share personal belongings. Thus, we have a wonderful bond. Nobody finds objectionable to anything he says while playing. We are in that connection. He said, “It’s his love for us, even though he doesn’t seem to be showing it.

The spinner talked about how Rohit helped him after Kuldeep had an outstanding performance in the just finished Test series against England, taking 19 wickets in 4 matches.

These days, he keeps me in the dark about bowling. He is currently concentrating on my batting; he speaks to me a lot in the nets and even advised me what to work on during the break following the Test series. He’s here, and I feel fortunate,” he said.



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