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Thursday, February 29, 2024
Home Other Sports For the Durand Cup's first game, a football fan runs 48 kilometres...

For the Durand Cup’s first game, a football fan runs 48 kilometres and watches from the VIP box


The Durand Cup experience that a football fan had always wanted to see came true in a way he could have never imagined.

The Durand Cup fantasy of a football fan was realised in a way he could have never imagined. Thanks to an Indian Army commander, the fan was given the opportunity to watch a game from the VIP Box and even talk to the players. The Durand Cup has widespread appeal for the people of Northeast India, and this year’s opening ceremony was conducted there for the first time. At SAI stadium Kokrajhar, a handful of 2023 Durand Cup Tournament matches will also be played.

One supporter, Jadav Rai, was observed running the 48 kilometres from Abhayapuri to Kokrajhar to attend the opening game at Kokrajhar, demonstrating the fervent football enthusiasm of the locals. Unfortunately, he was unable to attend the game because he did not have a ticket and the venue was jam-packed.

An Army officer at the SAI stadium named Kokrajhar learned about his amazing achievement at that point, thanks to some good fortune. In recognition of his competitive attitude, local Army officials offered him a VIP ticket to the game on August 7 and even presented him to the players. Even the squad members were impressed by Jadav’s tenacity and delighted to meet him.

According to an Indian Army soldier, the Durand Cup Tournament will undoubtedly keep bringing out the best in everyone given the level of sporting passion in our nation. There are 24 teams competing in the competition, including ones from Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal.

The 132nd season of the third-oldest event in the world, which is run by the Army, began with a match on August 4 in Guwahati, with other matches taking place in Kokrajhar (Assam), Shillong (Meghalaya), and Kolkata (West Bengal).

With Kokrajhar making its debut as a venue this year, Assam is hosting the competition for the second time in a row.

According to Lt. Gen. Kalita, the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief of Eastern Command, the decision to hold Durand Cup games in the area for a second year in a row is evidence that the security situation has stabilised.



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