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Saturday, June 15, 2024
HomeOther SportsBrazil complains to Spain about Vinicius Jr.'s racist abuse

Brazil complains to Spain about Vinicius Jr.’s racist abuse


The Brazilian government said that La Liga and the Spanish government will receive a formal complaint from Minister for Racial Equality Anielle Franco.

In response to the most recent racial slurs hurled at Brazilian footballer Vinicius Junior, Brazil announced on Monday that it has officially objected to the Spanish embassy and will file a legal complaint with authorities in Madrid. Since the Real Madrid player was subjected to racial slurs during a 1-0 loss at Valencia on Sunday, there has been an outpouring of outrage in Vinicius’s home Brazil.

The Brazilian government said that Minister for Racial Equality Anielle Franco will file a formal protest with La Liga and the Spanish government.

According to a source in the foreign ministry, the government complained to Spain’s ambassador to Brazil.

The source stated, “The Spanish ambassador is not in Brasilia, but we have already spoken to her by phone to express the Brazilian government’s displeasure over the ongoing racial attacks against (Vinicius) and the need for a suitable response.”

On Monday night, the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro turned off its lights for one hour as a sign of support.

The action was described by the archdiocese that is in charge of the monument as “a symbol of the joint fight against racism and in solidarity with the player and with all those who suffer from prejudice in the world.”

Vinicius described the darkened monument as “black and imposing,” adding that he was “moved” and thanking fans for their support.

But above all, he said, “I want to encourage and shed more light on our battle.

Vinicius, who has been subjected to racist epithets in Spain on several occasions, was again attacked from the bleachers during Sunday’s game in Valencia, which was stopped for a while.

In his post-game report, the referee noted that the player had received “monkey” yells.

The abuse was denounced by the president of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, which sparked a wave of sympathy for Vinicius, notably from retired icon Ronaldo and fellow Brazilian talents Neymar and Richarlison.

Brazil’s government issued a statement in which it expressed its “deep regret that no effective measures have yet been taken to prevent the recurrence of these racist acts.”

It encouraged FIFA, the Spanish Football Federation, and La Liga to take “the necessary measures” and urged Spanish authorities to “punish the perpetrators and stop further cases.”

The event is the subject of an inquiry by Spanish authorities.



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