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Friday, December 1, 2023
Home Cricket World Cup 2023: In the match against Bangladesh, Ravindra Jadeja defeats KL...

World Cup 2023: In the match against Bangladesh, Ravindra Jadeja defeats KL Rahul to win “Fielder of the Match”


The previous game’s winner, KL Rahul, performed the honours and gave the medal to Ravindra Jadeja, who hung it around the neck of India’s fielding coach.

India’s brilliant all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja beat wicketkeeper-batter KL Rahul and Kuldeep Yadav to win the fielder of the match award for his amazing diving catch at backward point against Bangladesh during the ICC World Cup. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has released a humorous behind-the-scenes video in which Team India is seen having fun in the dressing room while the fielding coach is announcing the medal winner.

Jadeja was surrounded by her teammates. The previous match’s winner, Rahul, performed the honours and gave the medal to Jadeja, who hung it around the neck of India’s fielding coach.

The medal winners have so far been announced during the competition on television screens located inside the changing rooms. However, Dilip went one step further on Thursday, startling the entire Indian team by announcing the player who was the greatest fielder of the match on the stadium’s big screen.

Rahul and Jadeja made fantastic diving saves while fielding, and the Indian fielding coach acknowledged this while awarding the medal. Dilip went on to say that the team’s goal is to save runs, not just on a single catch but on entire effort, and for this reason, he awarded Jadeja the best fielding award.

“We’ve had enough games. Win doesn’t come with built-in runs or wickets, as we all know. I believe that fantastic catches and amazing diving are also key components, and today was a prime example of both. Not how we save, but the amount of money saved. Two clutch receptions by Jadeja and KL that changed the game. Today, as a team, we saved thirteen runs. That was excellent. Now let’s open the doors for the evening star of today. One individual stood out on the pitch today like a lion. In a video released by, Dilip remarked, “commanding on the pitch, outstanding effort with the direct hit, saving and fantastic top catch- Jadeja.”

Rahul, the Indian wicketkeeper-battler who was awarded “Fielder of the Match” in the team’s most recent match against Pakistan, praised Jadeja and Kuldeep Yadav for their excellent fielding in the match against Bangladesh.

“I believe I earned it today, but I also won it in the previous game. Thus, in order to maintain interest, Dilip Sir would give it to someone else. And in my opinion, Jaddu (Ravindra Jadeja) is the only competitor—obviously for the catch. Kuldeep Yadav is also not too far away because of his excellent performance in the field today, according to KL Rahul.

In addition, Kuldeep Yadav received a nomination for his superb ground game. Dilip acknowledged Kuldeep’s work and explained the award’s significance as well as how it exemplifies the team’s tenacity.

“And now a large individual who has been pushing himself in every game appears. We got a great look at him today, I believe. Okay, Kuldeep Yadav, you did a fantastic job. We’ve been talking a lot about this medal, and I believe it to be more than just ours. In addition to being stunning, what we created is evidence of our ability, stamina, and willingness to risk our lives. Dilip continued, “KL, please do the honours for me,” in a video.
The red-hot Men in Blue, who have won four straight games, will face off against New Zealand, who have not lost, on Sunday at the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) Stadium in Dharamshala.



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