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Thursday, February 22, 2024
Home Cricket When asked about accusations by Ravindra Jadeja's father, Rivaba Jadeja's sharp response

When asked about accusations by Ravindra Jadeja’s father, Rivaba Jadeja’s sharp response


Rivaba, Ravindra Jadeja’s wife, responded sternly when asked about her father-in-law’s claims.

Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja had to turn to social media after his father’s charges in an interview went viral. Ravindra’s father said that his connection with the Indian cricket team player and his wife Rivaba has been tense for some time, prompting a response from the all-rounder. Ravindra’s wife Rivaba was also questioned about the claims by her husband’s father. However, the politician declined to discuss the issue and reminded those questioning him of the event’s objective. 

“Why have we come here today? When asked about Ravindra’s father’s comments in a Zee 24 Kalak video, Rivaba stated, “You can contact me directly if you want to know more.”

Jadeja earlier resorted to social media, calling his father’s interview’meaningless and untrue’.

“The information presented in the doubtful interview with Divya Bhaskar is useless and incorrect. I dispute those one-sided comments. The attempt to destroy my wife’s image is improper and unacceptable. I, too, have a lot to say, but it’s best if I don’t divulge it in public,” Jadeja post on Instagram.

Earlier in the conversation, Ravindra’s father explained how his son and daughter-in-law live apart and rarely speak with him.

“Do you want me to tell you something true? I have no connection to Ravindra and his wife, Rivaba. We don’t call, and neither do they. “The problems began after two or three months of marriage.”

He even regretted that he turned Ravindra into a cricket player. Perhaps things between him and his son would be different if that had not happened.

“I live alone in Jamnagar, whereas Ravindra lives in his own bungalow. He lives in the same city as me, yet I don’t see him. I have no idea what magic his wife has performed on him.”

“He is my son, and it makes my heart ache. I wish I hadn’t married him. It would have been preferable if he hadn’t been a cricketer. “We wouldn’t have to go through all of this in that case,” Jadeja’s father stated.
“Within three months of our marriage, she instructed me that everything should be moved into her name. She shattered our family’s harmony. She didn’t want a family and preferred an autonomous lifestyle. I and Naynaba (Ravindra’s sister) could both be mistaken, but how can all 50 members of our family be wrong? There is no relationship with anyone in the family; there is only hatred.”

“I’m not trying to hide anything. We haven’t seen our granddaughter for five years. Ravindra’s in-laws run everything. They intervene in everything. “They are making merry now because they have a bank,” Jadeja’s father added.



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