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Monday, June 17, 2024
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WC 2023 IND vs SL: Cricket player Angelo Mathews of Sri Lanka became the first batsman to be timed out


Former Sri Lanka captain Angelo Mathews made cricket history when he became the first player to be timed out in an international match during a dramatic turn of events during Bangladesh vs. Sri Lanka in the Cricket World Cup 2023. This occurrence is important for examination purposes in addition to grabbing the interest of cricket enthusiasts.

When a wicket fell and Angelo Mathews walked idly to the pitch, the unexpected dismissal occurred. A series of circumstances that would culminate in a momentous occasion ensued. A problem with his helmet kept Mathews from being ready to take on the next ball. He called for a replacement helmet, which made the issue worse and prolonged the wait.

Bangladesh’s Appeal:The Bangladeshi team was quick to notice the delay and took advantage of the chance to request a timed out. In accordance with the game’s rules and regulations, the umpires accepted the appeal and made the necessary adjustments to the playing conditions for the Cricket World Cup 2023.

The Crucial Rule: The Cricket World Cup 2023 will follow the explicit guidelines that the International Cricket Council (ICC) established regarding timed out dismissals. Particularly, section 40.1.1 of the rules of play specifies that: “Within two minutes of the dismissal or retirement, the incoming batter must be ready to receive the ball, unless Time has been called, or the other batter must be ready to receive the next ball.” The batter who bats first will be timed out if this condition is not met.

Angelo Mathews’ Delay: In Mathews’ case, the problems with his helmet and his subsequent need for a replacement prevented him from meeting the criteria of being ready within the allotted two minutes. He was so dismissed by a timed out rule, making him the first player in international cricket history to do so.

Historical Significance: Undoubtedly, the timed-out removal of Angelo Mathews at the 2023 Cricket World Cup will go down in cricket history as a singular and exceptional event. It is evidence of how crucial it is to follow the game’s rules and regulations, which are intended to preserve the fairness and tempo of cricket contests.



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