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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
HomeCricketVirat Kohli discusses his battle with mental health

Virat Kohli discusses his battle with mental health


According to local media on Thursday, Indian cricket hero Virat Kohli, who guided his team to unheard-of heights, admits he has battled mental health issues his whole career.

The 33-year-old former captain rose to the top of the five-day rankings by batting brilliantly and earning a reputation for his aggressiveness.

However, the “King” Kohli, as he is known in the Indian media, has struggled with his play and has been stripped of captaincy in all forms since late last year as a result of a poor performance at the Twenty20 World Cup.

The burden of his professional life, according to Kohli, occasionally had a detrimental effect on his mental health. In an interview that was published on Wednesday, he added, “I personally have had times when even in a room full of people who support and love me, I felt alone, and I am sure that this is a sensation that a lot of people can identify to.”

It can tear you apart, despite our best efforts to be strong at all times. It is undoubtedly a significant issue.

Athletes must take time to unwind, get over the demands of competition, and re-establish contact with their “core selves,” according to Kohli. “If you lose that connection, other things will fall apart quickly around you.”
His remarks came shortly after he disclosed that he had battled depression following his inability to score runs during an England tour in 2014.



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