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Saturday, March 2, 2024
Home Cricket Today, five renowned Indian players are enjoying their birthdays together, including the...

Today, five renowned Indian players are enjoying their birthdays together, including the batsman who scored 35 runs in one over


Five Indian cricketers are enjoying their birthdays together today, December 6th. Jasprit Bumrah, Shreyas Iyer, Ravindra Jadeja, RP Singh, and Karun Nair all have birthdays today. Boom-Boom Bumrah, whose fast bowling helped India win numerous matches, has turned 30. Iyer, on the other hand, is celebrating his 29th birthday today.

Bumrah turns 30

Jasprit Bumrah, one of India’s most successful fast bowlers, is 30 today. Bumrah’s performance in the recently finished World Cup 2023 was unforgettable. Bumrah bowled admirably at the World Cup, taking 20 wickets in 11 matches. Bumrah has also achieved the rare accomplishment of scoring 35 runs in one over in Test cricket.

Iyer celebrating 29th birthday

Shreyas Iyer, India’s star batsman He is 29 years old now. Iyer’s bat also spoke loudly in the World Cup 2023, scoring two straight century. Iyer scored 530 runs in 11 matches at an average of 66.25.

Jaddu is celebrating 35th birthday

Today is Ravindra Jadeja’s 35th birthday. Jadeja is widely regarded as one of the top all-rounders in the world, not only in India. Jadeja’s batting and bowling have helped Team India win many matches. On the basis of his performance, Jaddu has also helped Chennai Super Kings win the IPL.

Karun Nair turns 32

Karun Nair, one of the few Test batsmen to hit a triple century, celebrates his birthday today as well. Karun has reached the age of 32. Karun played 6 test matches for India and scored 374 runs during that time. Karun scored 46 runs in two One-Day International (ODI) matches. Karun has been out of the Indian team for a long time, with his last international encounter taking place in 2017.

RP Singh celebrating 38th birthday

Former Indian fast bowler RP Singh, who bowled brilliantly in the 2007 T20 World Cup, is also turning 38 today. In his international career, RP played 14 Tests, 58 ODIs, and 10 T-20 matches. During this time, the fast bowler claimed 40 Test wickets, 69 ODI wickets, and 15 T-20 wickets.



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