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Saturday, September 30, 2023
Home Cricket The star player of KKR shared his unheard story of U-19 trails

The star player of KKR shared his unheard story of U-19 trails


Before making his IPL debut, this KKR star has to undergo plenty of rejection during the U-19 trials.

As we all know, a comeback is always stronger than a setback. Before making his amazing debut in the Indian Premier League season 2023 as an Impact Player, the young star player of KKR had to go through many rejections during the U19 trials. Suyash revealed how gutted he was after he failed to make it onto the U19 team.
In an interview, Suyash revealed that, “Last year I gave trials for U-19 and performed well,” Suyash told IPL in an interview. “I wasn’t selected, and then between 12:30 am and 1 am, they put out a list, but I was asleep. I got up around 3 and kept crying for two hours. I was told they wanted to see me bowl once. I went there but was told they wouldn’t entertain me. I returned crying, came home, and shaved my head. I was quite disappointed. “I couldn’t believe that, despite doing well, this was happening to me.”
He further said, “I vowed to work on my skills so much that one day they will call me up themselves. And then slowly, hair started growing back, and performances also improved, so I decided to let them be. The hairstyle suited me, hence the long hair.”
The KKR star replaced Venkatesh Iyer as an Impact Player to make his debut in the IPL season 2023.



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