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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
HomeCricketTeam India will not visit Pakistan after dropping the Asia World Cup

Team India will not visit Pakistan after dropping the Asia World Cup


The 2023 Asia Cup will only be hosted in Pakistan, according to the most recent reports, but team India’s matches will be played at the Mother Venue

It is becoming more and more contentious every day whether the India squad will go to Pakistan for the Asia Cup competition. All of this started last year when Jay Shah, the chief secretary of the BCCI, wrote to the ICC to seek a different location for the Asia Cup 2023. They had also stated that Team India would not be traveling to Pakistan for the Asia Cup tournament, prompting the PCB to respond by stating that if Team India did not travel to Pakistan for the Asia Cup tournament, the Pakistan cricket team would not be traveling to India for the upcoming World Cup.

Imran Nazir, a former cricketer for Pakistan, stated on the Nadir Ali podcast that “there is no security reason” with regard to this. Just count the number of teams that have visited Pakistan. Forget the A sides; Australia was there. All of these are merely deceptions. In actuality, India’s refusal to travel to Pakistan for the Asia Cup is due to their fear of failing. Security is merely a pretext. Play some softball with us. On the Nadir Ali Podcast, he said, “Once you start playing politics, there is no turning back.”

India last visited Pakistan in 2006, when they took the ODIs but lost the test series. After a brief trip in 2012–2013, Pakistan visited India twice more. People want to watch India vs. Pakistan games because they have a higher degree of excitement, according to Nazir. The whole universe is aware of it. Even we cricket players believe that India-Pakistan matches are necessary for cricket to spread throughout the globe. We used to play cricket a lot. Despite being such a well-balanced tea, India cannot accept loss. You’ll win some and lose some because it’s a competition.



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