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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
HomeCricketSunil Gavaskar tells R Ashwin about Joe Root's pre-match remark, and Ashwin...

Sunil Gavaskar tells R Ashwin about Joe Root’s pre-match remark, and Ashwin responds brilliantly


On the news sources vodcast, Root had stated, “I’d say with Ashwin, (it) is making sure that you don’t play the previous ball.”

As he became just the 14th Indian player to appear in 100 Test matches, Ravichandran Ashwin was playing at the peak of his powers. In the fifth Test at Dharamsala, Ashwin ambushed the England batsmen, taking nine wickets and putting on one of his best performances while wearing whites. Ashwin was interviewed by India great Sunil Gavaskar during the game, during which he discussed how, even at this point in his career, he still manages to confound batters.

The England player Joe Root has previously discussed why it is challenging for the world’s finest hitters to tackle Ashwin. Gavaskar brought this up to Ashwin.

“Your career’s high point has always been that. You’ve always studied the game from the inside out. and how you strive to use a range of deliveries to improve in each game. Various delis. Different movements, different run-ups that you have—I mean, it’s amazing to watch how the mind works when attempting to outsmart the batter. Before the Test match started, Joe Root told us that many skilled spin bowlers will be considering how to handle Gavaskar. “I mean, I can only say that,” Gavaskar said on Jio Cinema following the Dharamsala Test.

“It’s important to ensure that you don’t play the previous ball when playing with Ashwin,” Root had stated during the Sky Cricket vodcast.

One of cricket’s brightest minds, Ashwin, demonstrated how video analyst footage has improved his ability to plan for obstacles.

The amount of material you receive from video analysts and the frequency with which you play among the best test nations, Sunny bhai, make me feel as though I have progressed through the years. The batters can perfectly align you if you are the same person since they are always ready. You can, of course, keep it about their styles during certain times.

It’s not good enough to discard certain good hitters, even when you can find good length in certain spells. While I am among those who have experimented and discovered what has worked for me, I am not suggesting that adhering to a single strategy won’t work. Still, given all the information and video that is out there, it’s best that you keep up with it “Ashwin answered.



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