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Saturday, March 2, 2024
Home Cricket Shahid Afridi on the India-Pakistan cricket rivalries: "I Will Request Modi Sahab."

Shahid Afridi on the India-Pakistan cricket rivalries: “I Will Request Modi Sahab.”


Shahid Afridi, a former cricketer of Pakistan, has a “request” for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is a fan of Indo-Pak cricket issues.

Cricket between India and Pakistan on a personal basis is long gone. Even multi-team competitions between the two cricketing countries have venue issues. There is no disputing that the Indo-Pak rivalry is still the most alluring in the Gentlemen’s Game, but due to political disputes, the two teams don’t get to play each other very frequently. the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to “let cricket happen between two countries,” according to former Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi.

Afridi said, according to Indian Express, “I will ask Modi sahab to permit cricket between both countries” on the sidelines of the Legends League Cricket (LLC) in Doha.

In the Asia Cup this year, India and Pakistan will meet again after their most recent matchup in the T20 World Cup in 2022. However, concerns about the site are threatening to derail the competition. The Pakistan Cricket Board is adamant about holding the tournament in its own nation, so the Indian team will not be permitted to journey there for the competition.

Speaking on the subject, Afridi said that while the BCCI is still a very powerful organization, it should put more of an emphasis on cultivating “friends” than “enemies”.

What can we do if a person we’d like to get to know doesn’t engage in conversation with us? The BCCI is a very strong board, there is no question about that, but strength comes with greater responsibility. Making friends is more important than creating new foes. Afridi asserted that you get stronger as you gain more acquaintances.

Afridi responded that, in his opinion, the PCB is not a “weak board” when questioned if it is.

“Some answers came from the front (BCCI), though I wouldn’t call them weak,” the author said.

The former Pakistani captain discussed his interactions with Indian athletes as well. During the conversation, the retired cricketer disclosed that at the recently finished Legends League Cricket, he received a bat from former India player Suresh Raina.

The other day I encountered Raina and I asked for a bat; he gave it to me, he said. “I still have friends in the Indian team when we meet, we discuss,” he added.



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