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Tuesday, May 21, 2024
HomeCricketRegarding the World Cup's ICC Average Pitch Ratings, Rahul Dravid said, "I'll...

Regarding the World Cup’s ICC Average Pitch Ratings, Rahul Dravid said, “I’ll Answer This In English As…”


Two of the four locations used by the Indian cricket squad for the Cricket World Cup, Chennai and Ahmedabad, have been rated as having “average” pitches by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

The 2023 ODI Cricket World Cup is under underway. Each team has participated in a minimum of four games, and it is evident which teams have performed well and which have not. With no losses thus far in the Cricket World Cup 2023, the Rohit Sharma-led Indian cricket squad and the runners-up from 2019—New Zealand—appear to be the strongest sides. After defeating Australia in Chennai on October 8, the Indian cricket team proceeded to defeat Pakistan in Ahmedabad on October 14. Afghanistan and Bangladesh were also vanquished.
Of the four locations where the Indian cricket team has played, the ICC has rated the pitches at Chennai and Ahmedabad as “average.”

These two pitches were the only ones in the Cricket World Cup that were classified as “average” up until October 15. Good or very good ratings were given to the others.

Head coach Rahul Dravid has taken issue with the ICC’s average rating for two pitches used in India matches. He “respectfully disagreed” with the global organisation on Saturday, stating that an ODI match is about more than just hitters and their showmanship.

India defeated Australia for 199 in 49.3 overs in Chennai, while Pakistan was bowled out for 191 in 42.5 overs in Ahmedabad.

“First of all, I respectfully disagree, Karunga. They got excellent wickets, Vo.(I firmly and unwaveringly disagree with the average rating assigned to the two wickets.) Since responding in English could get me into trouble, I’ll do so. Dravid remarked as laughter erupted around the pressroom.

“I respectfully object to the average rating assigned to the two wickets. They seemed like good wickets to me. I disagree if all you want to watch are 350 (run) games and you consider those wickets to be the best. You also need to see a variety of talents demonstrated, in my opinion,” Dravid stated.

“It doesn’t matter if we just wanted to see 4s and 6s being hit; we also have T20 wickets, and to be honest, there are probably 350+ wickets in Pune or Delhi. Why are the bowlers here if those are the only good wickets? For that point, why even have spinners?”

According to Dravid, an ODI game is more than just hitting; it’s about individuals showcasing their diverse skill sets.

“I think we should see all skills on exhibit, including the ability to rotate strikes across the middle, so I disagree with that (simply hitting). Witness the quality of bowling of (Ravindra) Jadeja, (Mitchell) Santner, (Adam) Zampa, or Kane Williamson as he rotates the strike through the middle, or the batting performance of Virat Kohli and KL Rahul against Australia. Those are also skills. “Those also must emerge, be demonstrated, and be shown,” he remarked.

Rotating the strike in the middle overs wasn’t always a particularly difficult talent, for some of the wickets, even in Delhi and Pune, where we have played. Who could hit more fours and sixes was the object of the contest. Respectfully, I believe there are other ways to assess wickets except this one. “There are instances when wickets turn a little, seam a little, swing a little, or bounce a little, and I believe that we need to have a better system in place to determine what is good and average.” In my opinion, the previous captain of India stated, “All we want to see is sixes and fours being struck in 350 scores as good wickets.



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