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Saturday, March 2, 2024
Home Other Sports Pro Tennis League's influence on Indian tennis is demonstrated by Zeeshan Ali

Pro Tennis League’s influence on Indian tennis is demonstrated by Zeeshan Ali


Zeeshan also discussed his involvement with PTL, its success across four seasons, and the need for such leagues to be a part of a “hectic calendar year.”

Tennis’ league structure, or the T20 version as India Davis Cup coach Zeeshan Ali had described it, is rapidly gaining traction around the world. And India has its own, among them the Pro Tennis League (PTL). In contrast to games played abroad, where teams consisting of a combination of the best players in the world from both the ATP and WTA leagues, PTL matches typically operate slightly differently. In addition to offering a platform for the current senior players to land some sponsorship deals, Zeeshan believes that it tends to have a direct impact on Indian tennis by giving young people an opportunity to mingle with the nation’s best players.

Zeeshan discussed his affiliation with PTL, the league’s growth in popularity over the course of four seasons, and the necessity for such leagues to be a part of a “hectic calendar year” in an exclusive interview with Hindustan Times Digital.

Obviously, the league has grown significantly since its founding year. It was a completely novel experience. Naturally, there had previously been a few leagues in the nation on a far greater scale, but they were hard to maintain over time. Therefore, it goes without saying that four years later, I’m quite pleased to see that this specific league has grown and that an increasing number of players are interested in participating.

Due to the intense nature of the tennis season, which begins in January and lasts the entire year, players eagerly anticipate playing it at the end. So, in addition to the financial benefits, participants look forward to events like these because they get to enjoy playing a sport that they wouldn’t often get to do all year long. Looking at team tennis, the main competitions are the Davis Cup, the Olympics, the Asian Games, and, of course, the Billie Jean King Cup for women. These tournaments take place every four years.

Therefore, this league provides the only option for participants to gather together and play as a team; aside from that, there are none. Apart from the serious side of it, it’s 15 points or 20 points, and it moves quickly, which makes it highly entertaining for both the players and the audience. As a result, as I’ve already mentioned, I believe it has greatly benefited tennis in India, from the very beginning to the present.



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