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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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President of the BCCI, Roger Binny, distances himself from the India World Cup team of 1983


On Friday, the president of the BCCI, Roger Binny, said that he was not an underwriter of a statement on the protest of wrestlers.

Roger Binny, who is the president of BCCI, said on Friday that he was not a witness to a statement on the protest of wrestlers against the chief of WFI. Only a few hours before this statement by President Binny, players of the 1983 World Cup-winning India cricket team voiced support for the wrestlers.

Roger Binny became the Chief of BCCI in October 2022 and was also a part of the Indian cricket team that secured the famous title victory in the 1983 World Cup, which was played in England.

Binny said in the statement that, “while contradicting some of the media reports, I want to shed some light that I have not issued any kind of statement related to the present day circumstances of the protest of wrestlers. He further said that he believes the qualified jurisdictions are working on settling down the issue, and as an ex-cricketer, I personally believe that sports should never be mixed up with politics.

On the very same day, members of the winning India Cricket Team in the 1983 World Cup came forward in support of the wrestlers who were protesting and asked them not to take any repulsive resolution while hoping that the issues of the players would be “heard and resolved”.

The statement said the team was in anguish and upset after seeing the pictures of wrestlers being pushed over but was also waiting for justice.

According to the statement, former cricketers of the 1983 World Cup-winning team said that they are very unhappy and fitful after seeing the pictures of the champion wrestlers being pushed over here and there. They are also worried that wrestlers are thinking of sinking their hard-earned medals into the holy river Ganga.

The statement also added that these medals are the result of the efforts of many years, their sacrifice, willpower, and courage. They not only belong to them but are also the pride and happiness of the country. They were further asking them not to take any quick action in this matter and were hoping for justice to be served to these wrestlers.”

Under the captaincy of the legendary Kapil Dev, the Indian cricket team had won the big Clive Lloyd-led match against the West Indies and won the first World Cup Trophy for India.

Kapil Dev himself said that he is not going to say anything separately as the whole of the 1983 World Cup-winning Indian cricket team stands by the statement that they have issued.



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