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Thursday, November 30, 2023
Home Cricket Men's U19 World Cup is moved by the ICC from Sri Lanka...

Men’s U19 World Cup is moved by the ICC from Sri Lanka to South Africa in response to SLC’s suspension


The U19 World Cup has been moved from Sri Lanka to South Africa as a result of SLC’s ban.On Tuesday, the ICC Board moved the men’s Under-19 World Cup from Sri Lanka to South Africa in the upcoming year. This decision was made 11 days after the cricket organization in the island nation was temporarily banned owing to involvement from the government.

Actually, the organization that first contacted the International Cricket Council (ICC) concerning government meddling in domestic cricket operations was Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC).

The Sports Ministry and SLC have been at odds for a while. SLC officials are alleged by the government to have engaged in mismanagement and corruption.

Because of SLC’s ban, the U19 World Cup will now take place in South Africa instead of Sri Lanka. Actually, following SLC’s suspension, participating countries were notified a few days ago. 2020’s U19 World Cup was held in South Africa. At the ICC Board meeting in Ahmedabad, the decision was approved, an ICC Board member told PTI.

“Sri Lanka’s bilateral and domestic cricket will not be affected by this.”

In light of the government’s meddling, SLC president Shammi Silva has issued a warning, threatening to revoke the nation’s right to host the U19 World Cup, which is slated to take place from January 13 to February 4.

In a statement made on Monday, SLC had said,” While SLC focuses on resolving the suspension issue, it appears that the minister of sports is pursuing a different agenda through media manipulation without pursuing legal avenues to address the allegations.”

“This gives rise to worries regarding its purpose to sway public opinion and the opinions of other stakeholders in order to accomplish its goal of gaining control of SLC by abusing his authority.”SLC calls for a fair and unbiased examination of the facts and remains focused on its mission to uphold the integrity of cricket in Sri Lanka and is confident that the truth will prevail in due course.”



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