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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Kerala Blasters’ women’s team is momentarily shut down following the men’s side’s AIFF fine


Kerala Blasters temporarily suspended their women’s squad on Tuesday due to “financial crunches” brought on by the fines placed on the club, which is a setback for women’s sports in the nation.

In a blow for women’s sports in the nation, Kerala Blasters temporarily suspended their women’s squad on Tuesday due to “financial crunches” brought on by penalties imposed on the club after the men’s team skipped a playoff match in the Indian Super League the previous season. The Blasters were penalised Rs 4 crore by the All India Football Federation (AIFF) after the men’s squad left the play against Bengaluru FC on March 3 in protest over a questionable Sunil Chhetri free-kick goal.

Judge Crystal The Blasters players argued that Chhetri’s goal should not have been permitted since they were not prepared because John did not sound the whistle prior to Chhetri taking the kick. The Blasters left the field in protest, and the game was declared forfeit.

Chhetri implied that he had every right to take a fast free kick in accordance with the regulations when he stated that he had informed the referee that he did not want either the wall (10 yards from the ball) or the whistle.

“We must announce the brief suspension of our women’s squad with a sorrowful heart. The recent financial fines placed on our club by the football association have forced us to make this choice, Kerala Blasters stated in a statement on Tuesday.

The club’s appeal against the sanction was just denied by the AIFF. In addition, the federation denied Ivan Vukomanovic’s appeal against the Rs 5 lakh punishment and 10-game suspension he received.

The club had planned for further funding for our women’s squad this year, the statement said, “after a very encouraging first season that saw our women’s team achieve tremendous results.”

Goalkeeper Aditi Chauhan and captain Ashalata Devi of the Indian women’s football team questioned the choice to penalise the female footballers for the behaviour of their male counterparts.

“So, by shutting it down, the men’s team receives a fine for what they did, and the money comes from the women’s team budget? That’s great news for India’s women’s football scene. Horrible!” Ashalata tweeted “Horrible” in response to Chauhan.

The squad’s women’s side would have followed the men’s team on a preseason international tour, according to the club, but at this moment it “must prioritise the more immediate objectives and long-term financial stability.” “These investments included player exchanges, exposure tours, and so much more. They also featured a first-of-its-kind international preseason trip with our men’s squad. However, the economic restrictions have put us in a difficult situation. The club stated that it is still expecting more fines from the league body, which will undoubtedly have a greater financial impact on the team.

“Until there is clear clarification on the situation, we are unable to continue our women’s team activities. They carefully considered their options and assessed the situation before deciding to halt their actions. The Blasters said that the closure was simply a temporary measure and that they would resume operations as soon as the financial crisis was resolved.

“It is critical to emphasise that this hiatus is brief. Upon final resolution of this problem, we will reactivate our women’s squad.



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