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Tuesday, March 5, 2024
Home Cricket I want to keep things straightforward and ignore criticism. According to Shreyas...

I want to keep things straightforward and ignore criticism. According to Shreyas Iyer, ignorance is bliss.


In an interview with TOI, Shreyas Iyer on overcoming setbacks, improving, and how he and Ashwin guided India to safety in Mirpur.
Shreyas Iyer, India’s most reliable ODI batsman from last year and the co-captain of the Test victory in Mirpur in December along with R Ashwin, was busy looking for a cricket ground to practise at, in contrast to the majority of cricket fans who were navigating through chaotic Mumbai traffic to watch the thrilling first T20I between India and Sri Lanka on Tuesday.
Iyer joined up with TOI for a loose conversation after a taxing internet session and a difficult trip back to his Parel home.

It seems odd that an international game is taking place today in Mumbai without one of India’s rising white-ball stars participating. Sincerity be told, it doesn’t feel weird to me. We recently finished a demanding series, and the Sri Lankan T20I team lacks several of the players that participated in the Tests in Bangladesh. I wanted to take a break after being on the run for so long and celebrate the win with my loved ones. I’m happy to have the chance to do it and enjoy New Year’s Eve. I’m now getting ready for the ODIS.

Even though I had already arrived, I was disappointed to see Axar exit the vehicle. I understood how difficult things would be. We’ll do it, Machi, Ashwin remarked as he offered me a fist bump when I saw him enter the room with assurance. Do not fret. I adore Ashwin’s assurance always. He always enters the room with a flourish. He hits the first ball he encounters right in the middle of his bat. From the other side, you gain assurance from his manner. He is one of the top game readers and has a wealth of expertise. Additionally, we’ve accomplished a lot as a team for Delhi Capitals in the IPL.



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