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Monday, June 17, 2024
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I know I can compete against the top weightlifters in the world says Achinta Sheuli


It makes sense that Achinta Sheuli is exhausted. Since returning home from Birmingham with a gold medal in weightlifting from the Commonwealth Games, he has gone to countless awards ceremonies.

It was a terrific sensation, particularly as I was coming home with the reward that had kept me away from home for over three years. Visiting my hometown of Deulpur and seeing all of my friends brought back a lot of memories. There were so many people waiting for me at the airport. Days of festivities were spent even in the village.

How active have you been since coming back from Birmingham?

incredibly busy I have so many places I need to go, so I get up at seven in the morning. I arrive back at my house by 11 p.m. Of course, I haven’t found time to train. I suppose I won’t be able to begin training till I return to Patiala.

What are your future plans for the Paris Olympics?

Planning for Paris hasn’t really begun for me yet. It won’t begin till I get back to Patiala. Only after I have a seat with the coach will I be able to make plans.

Have you recently faced off against the best in the world in your field?

I took part in their World Championship competition alongside them. I am convinced I can compete with them, only thing is that we Indians do not have as much experience as they do. In India, weightlifting is gradually becoming a popular sport.



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