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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Father Continues to Work as an Airport Security Guard, Son Gets Rs 3.60 Crore IPL Contract 


Before the fourth Test match between India and England, which gets underway on Friday, February 23, Francis Xavier Minz kept a tight eye on the team’s arrival.

Before the fourth Test match between India and England, which begins on Friday, February 23, Francis Xavier Minz, a security guard stationed at the arrival hall’s exit point at Ranchi’s Birsa Munda International Airport, kept a watchful eye on Team India’s arrival. Francis hoped that one day his son Robin would join the chivalrous group as the Indian cricket players flew by him on their private jet. For the uninitiated, the Gujarat Titans just spent Rs 3.60 crore to sign his son Robin, making him a multimillionaire for the 2018 Indian Premier League (IPL) season.

“Everyone is leaving the airport, but not many people are noticing me. Why ought they to? Francis said to the Indian Express in Ranchi, “I’m just one of many security guys here.”

Francis emphasized that there’s still a long way to go before his son receives an India call-up, despite his son landing a lucrative IPL deal. Interestingly, Robin is the first player from a tribe to be signed to an IPL deal.

“He’s only recently begun.” His name is almost entirely known around the world. The path to the Indian team is still very far off, as he put it, “Raasta abhi bhi lamba hain.”

Francis joked about the nature of his work, saying, “This is my job, to ensure that no one who has left the airport re-enters without an ID.” You never know who might be holding a gun. I’d be fired if I made one mistake.”

Francis, who has been in the army for nearly 20 years, has no plans to leave his position, despite the financial perks of his son’s IPL deal.

“My son is an IPL cricket player, so I can’t be careless. Undoubtedly, the family enjoys greater financial stability, but you never know what the future holds. Many of my coworkers question why I am still needed to work. However, I assure them that as long as I feel like working and I’m well, I’ll remain working. He went on, “If I haven’t earned something for myself, I don’t get sleep.”

They still reside in the same home, Francis continued, noting that Robin’s lifestyle hasn’t changed since then either.

“We are still living in the same house. I still ride the same bicycle. We haven’t considered relocating or buying a larger house because it’s a decent size. Fortunately, Robin has remained the same. He understands that he must continue to work hard and avoid becoming complacent. “He’s still our old boy,” Francis said.
Francis also discussed former India captain MS Dhoni’s impact in his son’s cricketing career.

Just a few days after the IPL auction, Francis said that Dhoni told him that CSK would take Robin if no one bid on him at the table.



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