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Monday, June 17, 2024
HomeOther SportsEPL clubs concur on minimum time frames for invasions and smoke bombs

EPL clubs concur on minimum time frames for invasions and smoke bombs


Following a unanimous vote, the Premier League announced on Wednesday that fans of Premier League teams who engage in anti-social and criminal behaviour at stadiums will automatically receive club bans with a minimum duration of one year.

The number of pitch invasions at the end of the previous season increased as supporters celebrated championships, promotions, or survival. Several fights broke out, including one involving Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira.

In England, the use of smoke bombs and pyrotechnics, which has long been practised at sporting events in continental Europe and throughout the world, has increased.

In a statement released by the league following its shareholders’ meeting, the league stated that “fans caught carrying or activating pyrotechnics or smoke bombs, or entering the pitch without permission, would incur an automatic club suspension with a minimum duration of one year.”

“These prohibitions might be extended to include accompanying parents or legal guardians of kids who engage in these activities. The prohibition is effective right away and it covers both home and away games.”



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