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Friday, September 29, 2023
Home Other Sports England has a 'incredible' chance to end a 57-year World Cup drought

England has a ‘incredible’ chance to end a 57-year World Cup drought


With their unwavering intensity crushing down a Matildas team that had few answers, the Lionesses advanced into Sunday’s final in Sydney against Spain following a merciless 3-1 demolition of the co-hosts Australia.

English teams haven’t won a World Cup since 1966, according to captain Millie Bright, but her team is embracing a “incredible opportunity” to do so. The Lionesses defeated the co-hosts Australia 3-1 to go to the final against Spain on Sunday. With their unrelenting intensity, they destroyed a Matildas team that had few answers. It brought about England’s biggest match since Bobby Moore won the men’s championship at Wembley in 1955.

Bright, a pillar of Chelsea, said, “I’m really happy for the fans back home, for our nation,” while men’s captain Harry Kane and even King Charles III sent their greetings.

“It’s something we’ve all been striving for and something we’ve been lacking. The chance we have right now is amazing.

The defending European champions have improved throughout the competition, and the opposition has found it difficult to match their aggressive offensive style of play and tenacious defence.

However, it is their capacity for adaptation that has propelled them to the verge of history, supported by the tactical brilliance of coach Serena Wiegman, who guided them to the European championship the previous year.

Bright said on, “You can win in many different ways and, for us, we’ve overcome so many hurdles in this tournament.

“It’s difficult for people to understand from the outside, but as players, we understand that football is about more than just making beautiful passes and completing them.

“In every game, we’ve demonstrated something new about our playing style and our capabilities. Whatever teams throw at us, we can easily adapt.

“However, things are really coming together now, and we’re scoring goals,”

This is concerning for Spain, who has also displayed tenacity despite having their tournament preparations thrown into turmoil.

On, Bright said: “You can win in many different ways and, for us, we’ve overcome so many obstacles in this tournament.

Football is considerably more than just making beautiful passes and finishing them, which is tough for people to grasp from the outside.

We’ve shown fresh aspects of our ability and playing style in every game. We can simply adjust to any situation that teams provide to us.

We are scoring goals now, though, so things are really coming together.

This worries Spain, who has also shown grit despite having their tournament plans thrown into disarray.

We reached the inaugural final in 2017, and at the time, we believed it was truly remarkable and might never occur again.

Because there is so much competition, she continued, “you make the second, the third, and the fourth and still believe this might never happen again.”



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