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Sunday, March 3, 2024
Home Cricket Dot balls are essential for Haris Rauf, a fan of Virat Kohli.

Dot balls are essential for Haris Rauf, a fan of Virat Kohli.


One of Haris Rauf’s previous tweets went viral when he muzzled India’s strong hitters in the T20 World Cup the previous year. He shared a picture with Virat Kohli in 2019 after a nets practice in Australia.

After India trounced Pakistan on Sunday, Kohli gave him his shirt. “Long ago, I had asked him for his clothing. It felt good “On Saturday, the Pakistani pacer spoke in a baritone.

The focus of the buildup has been the connection between these two teams. Rauf stated “The game is currently in progress (We treat a games like a game). Virat bhai is a legend for the work he has done for his nation. As with any elder, you may learn a lot from him by talking to him. I appreciate his talking to me and giving me his clothing.”

When he goes in to bowl in T20s, his fiery run-up and rustic demeanor give no clue of how exact his planning is. Rauf is clear about his responsibilities: to manage India’s potent middle overs. “Getting wickets is not my mindset,” he declared.

“My goal is to throw as many dot balls as I can. In T20, your chances of taking wickets increase the more you defend with the ball. Players from various teams are subject to certain strategies of yours. We do have a plan, though. Depending on the pitch, you choose whether to bowl more slower balls or yorkers when bowling at the end “said Rauf.



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