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Friday, July 19, 2024
HomeCricketCaptain rohit sharma says Role clarity gives out-of-form players direction to work...

Captain rohit sharma says Role clarity gives out-of-form players direction to work in


Rohit Sharma, the captain of India, claims that giving players a clear understanding of their roles gives them something to concentrate on when their form is off, helping them to develop their game and come back stronger.

As a captain, Rohit believes it is his responsibility to recognise the needs of his team when they are having a difficult time.

Naturally, for me, it’s just about fast adapting to specific people and then figuring out what they need, what their strong points are, and where their weaknesses are, Rohit said.

“Try to let them know your thoughts and work with them; be very clear about what the team expects of that person.

The individual can flourish in that situation since he will be able to work in the right direction and can enhance his game in many different ways once he knows exactly what the team expects of him.

Rohit replaced Virat Kohli as India’s permanent captain across all formats earlier this year. With the Mumbai Indians, he has amassed a record five Indian Premier League (IPL) championships.

We attempt to explain everything clearly to the athletes when we are aware that they are going through difficult situations.

Making him aware of our expectations for him, his place on the team, and other such things. I therefore don’t use a certain chant when I play the game.



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