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Sunday, June 16, 2024
HomeCricketCaptain Gill is certain that the Gujarat Titans can function without Pandya...

Captain Gill is certain that the Gujarat Titans can function without Pandya and Shami


Gill stated that his team is prepared to replace two important players: Mohammed Shami, who is injured, and Hardik Pandya, the GT team’s championship-winning captain who joined the Mumbai Indians.Shubman Gill began cautiously in his first pre-game press conference as Gujarat Titans captain, but he soon found his rhythm.

He was specifically questioned about what was different about this season’s IPL after the anticipated queries about Mohammed Shami’s absence and Hardik Pandya’s departure.Gill added, “Take a look at the captains’ picture with the trophy,” prior to the Mumbai Indians game. “That’s how unique it is.”

This season features four new captains, including Gill, who will be keen to demonstrate that his burgeoning career has more to offer.

“It’s an honor to lead a team at a place where I have happy memories,” he remarked. “It’s an amazing beginning to my adventure. It should be great to play MI, the five-time winner, in front of 120,000 fans on our home field.

While acknowledging that GT would miss Hardik and Shami, the 24-year-old was confident in the overall strength of his outfit.

“In a team sport, if you are just looking at two players to get the job done, it means as a team, as a coach or a scout you have not done your job. We have all bases covered. Shami  bhai is injured unfortunately, but Umesh [Yadav]  bhai is a great bowler and I think he can do the job for us.”



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