“It’s Never Happened Before,” said R Ashwin in response to the umpire’s odd choice in the CSK vs RR match

    "It's Never Happened Before," said R Ashwin in response to the umpire's odd choice in the CSK vs RR match

    In the IPL 2023 match between the Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals on Wednesday, Ravichandran Ashwin acknowledged feeling “flummoxed” by an umpire’s decision.

    The umpires’ decision to replace the ball on their own during the IPL match between Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals because of the dew confused Rajasthan Royals spinner Ravichandran Ashwin, who urged for consistency when making such judgements. Ashwin, who had numbers of 2/25, was “surprised” by the umpires’ intervention and ball change during the chase on Wednesday night because to the thick dew at the MA Chidambaram Stadium.

    The CSK skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Ravindra Jadeja were unable to score 21 runs off the last over in their pursuit of 176 for victory, allowing the Royals to upset the four-time IPL winners by three runs in a last-ball drama.

    According to Ashwin, he had never before observed the umpires replacing the ball due to an excessive amount of dew.

    “I’m a little taken aback that the umpires switched the ball for dew on their own. I’m shocked since it’s never occurred before. To be honest, I’m a little confused by some of the judgements made in this year’s IPL on the field,” the veteran Indian player admitted at the post-game news conference.

    “I mean, (it) confused me in either a good or terrible manner. Because in my opinion, you need a little bit of balance,” explained Ashwin, who was named “Player of the Match.”

    We are not requesting that the ball be changed as a bowling team. However, the umpires decided to alter the ball. The umpire indicated we may modify it when I asked him about it.

    I really hope that moving ahead in the IPL, “you can do whatever you want, but you just need to be in a standard moving forward,” they can modify it every single time there is dew.

    The Royals spinner claimed he was loving his bowling and was eager to trick hitters even more with his flighted deliveries.

    “I’m not really thinking about how I’m bowling; I’m simply enjoying it. I have to be ready to bowl different lengths, different speeds, and different trajectories since I bowl in different parts of the game.

    “So, I believe what I’ve realised is even Sanjay (Manjrekar) asked me, ‘Are you keeping it a lot more simple?'” I believe that keeping things simple requires a certain level of competence. I believe that I evaluate situations and offer what I believe to be the greatest solution.

    “At the moment, I’m just enjoying my bowling and looking forward to deceiving the batsman a lot more in the flight.” That’s because of where I’m at with bowling,” Ashwin explained.

    “He (Dube) is a designated spin hitter for CSK,” Ashwin remarked of his bowling in Wednesday’s game, particularly his removal of Shivam Dube. I knew he was going to come for me after the way he played Kuldeep (Sen) the previous over.

    Dube was removed for eight runs by Ashwin before he could relax down.

    “I didn’t have any deliberate plans, but I feel the ball is coming out really well, I’m able to get it to drop, I’m able to put enough revs, I’m able to use both my variations, my length, and the arm ball is really good at the moment.” “I’m just happy with how it’s turning out,” he continued.

    The surface was giving turn, according to Ashwin, who was moved up the order after the Royals lost a couple of wickets fast, and they had to bide their time as the scoring rate dropped after a rapid start until the club concluded at 175 for 8 in 20 overs.

    “When he (Jadeja) was bowling, I felt like I was in a Test match.” It was only a few balls raging, and these are the things we will face with other opponents in different home grounds.

    “I just felt it was ideal for a left-arm spinner to hit that spot with side spin and good speed.” For those 2-3 overs, Jadeja was unplayable; the ball was spinning from outside leg stump at times. “We had to bide our time and try to pick our matchups,” Ashwin said.


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