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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
HomeAsia Cup 2023Bangladesh's star bowler, who tormented India at the Asia Cup

Bangladesh’s star bowler, who tormented India at the Asia Cup


has come under fire for his misogynistic remarks, “If The Wife Works…”

In only his fourth delivery in international cricket, Bangladesh bowler Tanzim Hasan Sakib eliminated India’s Rohit Sharma during their Friday matchup in the Asia Cup.

Just days after making an outstanding debut for Bangladesh in international cricket, a misogynistic social media remark denigrating working women caused uproar on Monday. When the neighbours faced off against one other in the Asia Cup on Friday, bowler Tanzim Hasan Sakib, who had only played four deliveries of international cricket, managed to dismiss India skipper Rohit Sharma. He then maintained composure in the decisive over to give Bangladesh the win.

However, after his misogynistic social media posts were exposed, the 20-year-old received contempt from feminists and women’s rights advocates.

Last year, Tanzim wrote on Facebook that “if the wife works, the husband’s rights are not ensured.” “The child’s rights are not protected if the wife works. The wife’s elegance suffers if she works. The family will fail if the wife works. The veil will be destroyed if the wife works. Society will be destroyed if the wife works.

In the garment factories that have been a major contributor to Bangladesh’s recent economic boom, women make up the vast majority of the workers. The majority-Muslim nation, however, nevertheless has a strong strict patriarchal culture.

Tanzim cautioned fathers in another post that if they wed “a woman who is used to free mixing with her male friends in a university,” their sons would not have a “modest” mother.

The remarks sparked reaction, with feminist writer Jannatun Nayeem Prity of Paris pointing out that the Bangladesh team shirts were produced in factories with a majority of female workers.

She said, “I feel sorry for you that you don’t think of your mother as a regular human being.

In a widely circulated Facebook post, author Swakrito Noman called Tanzim’s remarks “deeply offensive” and demanded that the player apologise and the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) probe Tanzim.

Mejbaul Haque, a journalist, remarked on Monday: “Such a warped kind of misogyny is disgusting. Regardless of how famous he is.

The BCB claimed to be conducting an inquiry. “We were aware of the problem. We are looking into it,” said Jalal Yunus, the organization’s head of cricket operations, to news sources.

After helping Bangladesh win the Under-19 World Cup in 2020, Tanzim has only played 12 first-class matches in his brief adult career.



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