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Sunday, June 23, 2024
HomeAsia Cup 2022Asia Cup 2022: Sri Lanka vs Pakistan final match

Asia Cup 2022: Sri Lanka vs Pakistan final match


The two finalists, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, focused more on self-preservation after being made to play a game on Friday night. On the day of the final, both sides cancelled their training sessions and media appearances, which might have been a hint of two cricketing nations making a comeback after having lagged in the sport’s power circuit for the previous ten years. These two teams, coupled with Afghanistan’s passionate performance, have been the primary factors igniting the tournament on cricket grounds.

When Pakistan withdrew two nights before the final, the organizers were in a like situation four years prior. India’s presence provided some relief. However, this competition has put their marketing plans to the test.

An India-Pakistan final, capping up a potential three-match showdown between the two sides, was always the talk of the town. Few people would have predicted Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan to reach the final based on their pre-tournament form and surroundings. An difficult scenario regarding tickets has now arisen as a result of India’s elimination from the event.

Wandering around Dubai Sports City, where the Dubai International Cricket stadium is located, you can run into Pakistani and Sri Lankan supporters anxious about securing tickets for the game on Sunday. The cause? Most of the tickets were already reserved by Indian supporters. Many Indian fans are currently attempting to resell their tickets on social media.



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