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Sunday, December 10, 2023
Home Cricket Ahmedabad crowd has been chastised for their stunned silence and for 'disrespecting'...

Ahmedabad crowd has been chastised for their stunned silence and for ‘disrespecting’ the World Cup players


Social media users criticised Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad for ‘disrespecting’ players and failing to show adequate support for the Indian team during the Cricket World Cup 2023 final.

In the 2023 Cricket World Cup final, Australia and India faced up against a side whose goal went beyond simply suppressing the audience as well as the hosts’ bowlers and hitters. When Australia controlled play on the 22-yard strip, the crowd of almost a quarter of a million blue-clad supporters grew rowdy, undermining the Indian team’s hopes of winning the ODI World Cup. The crowd’s quiet during the game was actually criticised by a number of social media users, who said that it was disrespectful to both the Australian squad and the referees.

Pat Cummins, the captain of Australia, had already achieved his goal of “silencing the crowd” before the World Cup final started. Although Cummins and his team’s plan worked, the venue’s supporters came under fire for not cheering for the Indian team when Rohit Sharma’s squad most needed it.

When they realised the Indian team wouldn’t win the championship, several spectators even left the game early. Even Cummins expressed his satisfaction with the quiet audience after the game.
“I was quite pleased that the crowd remained silent for a significant portion of the bowling innings; it was amazing. They raised the volume a few times, and it was quite loud. However, it’s amazing because India has passion like nowhere else in the world. In the post-match presentation ceremony, Cummins stated, “You look around and it is a pretty special moment. Whatever the outcome, we are never going to forget a day like today.”


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