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Monday, October 2, 2023
Home Cricket After making the statement "ye koi tareeka nahi hai," Babar Azam gives...

After making the statement “ye koi tareeka nahi hai,” Babar Azam gives the reporter the death gaze and leaves the news session.


When the first Test in Karachi came to an end, Babar Azam gave the reporter a death stare.

After the first Test against New Zealand, Pakistan captain Babar Azam’s press conference came to a somewhat dramatic conclusion when a reporter appeared to grow impatient at being ignored by the captain. When Babar was about to leave the press conference room, the reporter yelled, “This is not the way, I’m making repeated gestures to ask a question!” (This is not the way, I’m making repeated gestures to ask a question). Before the media manager turned off the microphone, Babar, though, gave the reporter a deadly glare.

The entire scene was captured on the cameras set up in the space, and the video quickly gained popularity on social media.

Babar’s response appeared to be in response to a recent event in which a reporter confronted the team’s spinner, Nauman Ali, with an extremely critical question during a press conference. Although the left-arm spinner responded calmly, Babar seems to have had some issues with the tone of the reporter’s inquiry, which stated that Nauman had “scored centuries with the ball.”



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